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Abhishek Roy  |   Jul 5, 2020

SQL Server Error Message Part 2

SQL Server error message number uniquely identifies each error message and the error message text describes the problem. There are some below Error Links which are common errors happens during execute the SQL Queries in SQL SERVER.
Abhishek Roy  |   Jul 5, 2020

SEO and its benefits

In this blog, i try to give all basics and relevent information about search engine optimization. The working of seo and the impacts of seo. Also it constitute the do's and don'ts of seo which can help to optimize the website for excellent results. I hope you will find it very useful. Good Luck !!
Abhishek Roy  |   Jul 5, 2020

New AWS programming service will automatically fix bugs in your code | TechRadar

CodeGuru is latest Amazon service to help with programming woes.
Abhishek Roy  |   Jul 5, 2020

Google Sheets update will soon compose those pesky formulae for you | TechRadar

Google has announced new intelligent features for Sheets that make it easier to build spreadsheets and analyze data.
Abhishek Roy  |   Jul 5, 2020

Best e-commerce platforms in 2020: website software for an online store | TechRadar

Do you launch your business on eBay or do you choose a dedicated e-commerce package? We help you decide.
Abhishek Roy  |   Jul 5, 2020

Mozilla restarts Firefox 78 update after finding major bug | TechRadar

Mozilla quickly released an updated version of Firefox 78 after a bug made it so that users couldn't access search engines.
Abhishek Roy  |   Jul 5, 2020

What is malware and how dangerous is it? | TechRadar

In short, it’s pretty dangerous – your whole online profile is at risk with some strains – so read our malware primer and don’t get caught out.
Abhishek Roy  |   Jul 5, 2020

India's richest man is launching a Zoom rival | TechRadar

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio launches JioMeet video calling platform to take on Zoom.
Prashant Surya  |   Jun 22, 2020

Next.js with redux

How to use Redux framework with Next.js in react application for SSR ,SSG and thunk - Next.js Tutorial
Pooja Goel  |   Jun 22, 2020

Node.js Interview Questions and Answers | Part 11

Node.js Interview Questions and Answers | Part 11

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