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Best ways to promote a training institute 

Prashant Surya  |   Nov 30, 2019  |  Views: 254


How to promote a software coaching training institute, promoting and advertising strategies, best place and the ways, where to advertise for free.

What problems this blog covers :

I am running a software coaching and training institute, but not getting the candidates what I should have to do?

How to advertise my coaching institutes for free or paid?

What are the best ways to advertise my training institute?

Lots of competitors are there, how to compete from them?

As an adviser, I am suggesting some solutions to your problems. Once I was also facing the same in my life, So I am trying to share my experience with you all, so you can get the guidance from this article.  

There are mainly two modes of advertising these days: 
Offline and online are the best modes to advertise your software training institute.Lets discuss in details and points wise.


Arrange free demo classes:
Candidates not always trust on the quality of the knowledge which institutes provides these days,  because of some fake institutes, the trust score has been drastically decreased.

So to build the trust by showing the quality of knowledge you provide is the best way to attract the mass of candidates to your institute.

Conduct demo classes at a regular interval, in which you can provide some demo kits and materials to the candidates, which will boost your trust with candidates.

Bulk SMS advertising:
Use bulk SMS tools available to send the advertising of your software training institutes to the targeted candidates.

Distribute pamphlet:
Print some attractive pamphlets and distribute in colleges, companies, and public places. 

Pamphlet  should contains mail details and attractive offers you provide with message like  demo class free or offer ending soon.

Make holdings and banners:
Advertise your institute with the help of banners , posters, holdings near to the gathering source of candidates.

Tie up with colleges:
If you are targeting the fresher candidates, then you should contact with the placement and training department of the colleges to advertise you training institutes.

You can get bulk of candidates form there, either you can provide free demo class, if possible.

Tie up with Software companies:
Software companies sometime need a software trainer or the training institution to train their employees, so you can find out such organization from your network.

The other way to connect with companies is to make your institute complete profile on DritalConnect.Com ( Its a complete notwork for IT professionals ).

Provide best training:
Provide the best knowledge in you institution, so as to compete with other competitors.

Keep less fee as of competitors:
Course fees should be reasonable to the candidates on average to poor and rich all, so any one can easily afford the course fees. 

Also the fees should not be high compared to the competitor Institutions.

Give attractive offers and discounts:
You can give attractive offers , discounts, gifts , materials or perks with your course package, to attract the candidates.

100% placement:
The most important way to advertise is to give the 100% placement to the candidates and profile should be the course related.

This will increase your Institute value automatically, and candidates will prefer your institutes rater  than what the quality of your knowledge you provide.


Make a Website with all course details:
We are living in digital world, so you have to make presence your presence online. So make a good website  for your Software training institute.

You can get services from any website development companies. I would prefer to contact from Uniserve Data Technologies Pvt Ltd. for the website development and any software development in the cheap and best price.

Hire a team of SEO/ Digital Marketing:
After making your online presence by a good website, now the time to compete with the others to  become the first choice of the google search.

For that you can hire a team of digital marketing people or SEO /SMO people, who can help you in getting the first rank in google search.

Hire a third Party Digital Marketing Company:
You can also hire third party companies for the digital marketing  or for SEO /SMO.

I would suggest the same company which I have suggested for the website and software development.

I would prefer to contact from Uniserve Data Technologies Pvt Ltd. for Digital marketing also, So that your all work is done by the same organization in the best price.

Give online classes:
Many of students don't have much time to travel and join the classes offline, So you should have an option for the online classes.

Online classes have a great scope these days. So You should be prepared for the options to provide to the candidate.

Post regular on Social Media:
Advertise on the Facebook ,LinkedIn educational groups to target your course. Its should be done regularly otherwise you will not get results.

It comes under SMO, if you have booked any Digital Marketing service from any company,ask him to do it on the regular basis.

Add your services on portals:
There are lots of portals who advertise your business for free.

I suggest you to add your institute on DritalConnect.Com which provides the best platform to the candidates to search the best software training institutes by location, courses, fees, trainers, duration and by much more filters.

Its a very easy platform to add your software training institute and your course details.

Benefits you will get on

  • Google first page ranking 
  • Best SEO of your institute
  • One click share on any Social Media
  • 1 lakh+ daily Traffic of software professionals and candidates on this website.
  • Also they have option to promote and recommend your institute to right candidate.  

In summary,

If you want to advertise your Software training institute, you have to advertise parallel to online and offline as well.

For online service you can create your profile and add your course details ,syllabubs on and for the digital marketing SEO/SMO contact  Uniserve Data Technologies Pvt Ltd. 

But trust me that advertising on is the ultimate solution, without loosing any money, because you are on the place where candidates traffic comes in Lakhs on the daily basis.

Hope this article will help you a lot in boosting your business. 

Content Contributor
Prashant Surya

Prashant Surya

Software developer at Uniserve Data Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  |   Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

I am a software developer, freelancer and trainer working on technologies likes. MEAN stack, MERN Stack, ASP.NET full stack, WebRTC, ,PWA, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SEO, responsive UI/UX designing... having 7 years of experience in development in multiple domains like, eCommerce, RTA, capital markets, education, real estate...

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