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Cache Interceptor in angular 4/5/6/7/8 and universal SSR 

Prashant Surya  |   Nov 28, 2019  |  Views: 1266


How to use Cache Interceptor in angular 4/5/6/7/8 using httpclient and with angular universal SSR?

What is cache interceptor?

A cache interceptor is a middleware handler to handle http request and response, to cache the response for the same request URL expiring till the mentioned or default duration.

Why to use?

If our website needs the same chunk of data from any hhtp request for the different pages or even at the same page, then we can cache the response at the first hit of http request and save it in the browser cache for the particular duration.

What are the benefits?

- It increases the data loading time of the website
- Users can see the data in a flash without buffering on page.
- Number of API calls is been reduced.

Create a cache.service.ts file 

import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
import { HttpRequest, HttpResponse } from '@angular/common/http';
export interface RequestCacheEntry {
    url: string;
    response: HttpResponse<any>;
    lastRead: number;
export abstract class RequestCache {
    abstract get(req: HttpRequest<any>): HttpResponse<any> | undefined;
    abstract put(req: HttpRequest<any>, response: HttpResponse<any>): void

const maxAge = 5000000; // maximum cache age in ms
export class RequestCacheWithMap implements RequestCache {
    cache = new Map<string, RequestCacheEntry>();
    constructor() { }
    get(req: HttpRequest<any>): HttpResponse<any> | undefined {
        const url = req.urlWithParams;
        const cached = this.cache.get(url);
        if (!cached) {
            return undefined;
        const isExpired = cached.lastRead < ( - maxAge);
        const expired = isExpired ? 'expired ' : '';
        return isExpired ? undefined : cached.response;
    put(req: HttpRequest<any>, response: HttpResponse<any>): void {
        const url = req.urlWithParams;      
        const entry = { url, response, lastRead: };
        this.cache.set(url, entry);
        const expired = - maxAge;
        this.cache.forEach(entry => {
            if (entry.lastRead < expired) {

Now create a cache.interceptor.ts file:

import { Injectable, Inject } from "@angular/core";
import { HttpEvent, HttpResponse, HttpErrorResponse } from "@angular/common/http";
import { Observable, of } from "rxjs";
import { tap } from 'rxjs/operators';
import {
} from "@angular/common/http";
import { RequestCacheWithMap } from "../requestCache.service";

export class CacheInterceptor implements HttpInterceptor {
    constructor(@Inject(RequestCacheWithMap) private cache) { }
    intercept(req: HttpRequest<any>, next: HttpHandler) {
        const cachedResponse = this.cache.get(req);
        return cachedResponse ? of(cachedResponse) : this.sendRequest(req, next, this.cache);
        req: HttpRequest<any>,
        next: HttpHandler,
        cache: RequestCacheWithMap): Observable<HttpEvent<any>> {
        const started =;
        return next.handle(req).pipe(
            tap(event => {
                if (event instanceof HttpResponse) {
                    cache.put(req, event);
            }, (err: any) => {
                if (err instanceof HttpErrorResponse) {
                    const elapsed = - started;
                    console.log(`Request for ${req.urlWithParams} failed after ${elapsed} ms.`);

Now in app.module.ts register these Interceptor:

import { HTTP_INTERCEPTORS} from '@angular/common/http';

   { provide: HTTP_INTERCEPTORS, useClass: CacheInterceptor, multi: true }

The above three step is enough to set up the cache interceptor to your application, now every HTTP request will first check ,whether the response for this is  already in cache, if it exits then API doesn't been called and uses the saved response from the cache.

Content Contributor
Prashant Surya

Prashant Surya

Software developer at Uniserve Data Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  |   Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

I am a software developer, freelancer and trainer working on technologies likes. MEAN stack, MERN Stack, ASP.NET full stack, WebRTC, ,PWA, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SEO, responsive UI/UX designing... having 7 years of experience in development in multiple domains like, eCommerce, RTA, capital markets, education, real estate...

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