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How to use localstorage in angular universal ssr 

Prashant Surya  |   Nov 28, 2019  |  Views: 3082


Use of localstorage with Angular Universal SSR (Server Side Rendering) if is undefined or not defined

What are the questions this article covers:

  • LocalStorage with Angular Universal
  • localStorage is not defined in Angular Universal
  • How to use localStorage in angular universal
  • localStorage is not defined using angular universal
  • Use of LocalStorage with Angular Universal
  • localStorage undefined Angular Server Side Rendering
  • Angular Universal Server Side Rendering

Angular universal doesn't support the global variables like windows, documents, localstorage etc..

In that case we get undefined error for these variables.

Here I am discussing on the localstorage not defined error in angular universal SSR.

When we implement angular universal SSR , we have to install '@ng-toolkit/universal'

This comes with the alternative the global variables like localstorage , windows..

So the very first step is to import from library

import { LOCAL_STORAGE } from '@ng-toolkit/universal';

Now create the instance for the local_storage at constructor level by forcefully injecting using parameter decorator @Inject().

constructor( @Inject(LOCAL_STORAGE) private localStorage: any ) { }

You can create a separate service file of the localstorage methods.

Create a file localstorage.service.ts and copy paste the below code.

import { Injectable, Inject } from '@angular/core';
import { LOCAL_STORAGE } from '@ng-toolkit/universal';

export class PersistanceService {
  constructor(@Inject(LOCAL_STORAGE) private localStorage: any ) { }
  set(key: string, data: any): void {
    try {
      this.localStorage.setItem(key, JSON.stringify(data));
    } catch (e) {
      console.error('Error saving to localStorage', e);
  get(key: string) {
    try {
      return JSON.parse(this.localStorage.getItem(key));
    } catch (e) {
      console.error('Error getting data from localStorage', e);
      return null;

Now you can easily get and set values in the localstorgae with angular universal while using ( SSR ) Server side rendering.

Content Contributor
Prashant Surya

Prashant Surya

Software developer at Uniserve Data Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  |   Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

I am a software developer, freelancer and trainer working on technologies likes. MEAN stack, MERN Stack, ASP.NET full stack, WebRTC, ,PWA, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SEO, responsive UI/UX designing... having 7 years of experience in development in multiple domains like, eCommerce, RTA, capital markets, education, real estate...

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