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Top 7 Rummy Game Development Company In India 

SVAP Infotech  |   Dec 7, 2020  |  Views: 100


Rummy is one of the famous card games in India and I am sure everyone loves playing it! However, India is now counted as the leading online mobile gaming countries in the world. According to reports, Indians have installed 7.3 billion mobile gaming apps in 2020. Impressive! 

I am sure now you have understood that within a short span of time, we will be heading worldwide in terms of online games. Aside, you can too start your own online rummy circle, through the best Rummy Game Development company

I know, it’s quite tough to try to share your valuable quotes and ideas with every other firm. Hence, here I am sharing the list of the best Rummy Game Development Company in India, from where you can select the best one! 

Top 7 Rummy Game Development Company

  1. SVAP Infotech 

SVAP has exceptional teams of experts that have been curating Rummy Game Development from the scratch and aims to deliver engaging maximum users. Hence, the SVAP also promises to offer the best quality and premium functionality to its clients. 

Not only this, but this amazing Rummy Game Development Company also delivers complete security from the cyber threats in the online e-gaming. Thus, this company takes complete responsibility for your information from the beginning of the project and hence, extends the wonderful rummy experience. The chief service of SVAP is that it gives instant withdrawal and round a clock customer assistance. 

  1. Artoon Solutions

Artoon Solution is another finest rummy game development company in India with a rich experience in the gaming industry. Artoon curate high-quality gaming website and apps for their clients all over the globe. 

Artoon offers variation in rummy game development. You can check their deviation into mini-game, private table, quick play, and play on the table. They also deliver a ready-to-use rummy site with fully-fledged UI and highly customizable 

  1. Aaryavarta

Aaryavarta is the leading rummy game development company in India, that offers a vast range of platters under gaming service. You can get gaming development for every platform starting from mobile to web. Apart from this, Aryavarta also offers services in enterprise solutions, VR/AR solutions, gamification studio, animation and asset production, and a lot more.  Moreover, this Rummy Game Development Company In India claims to have a broad library of HTML5, 2D/3D games.

4. Mobzway

Mobzway is serving its rummy game development services across the globe. You can get access to various platforms and genres of the gaming industry under the banner of this company. 

According to Mobzway, there is a platter of features in the rummy game service, such as a Private table, Pool, deal, point rummy, and so on. Furthermore, this Rummy Game Development Company in India works on the RNG algorithm. 

5. Games2Win

Games2Win is not the new name in the world of gaming and rummy game development in India. It owns 50+ games and almost 10 million monthly unique users and 23 million active users. There is a list of popular games created under the banner of Games2win. 

In addition to this, it also holds 150 million downloads all over the world. Some of the famous games are  Driving Academy, International Fashion Stylist,  High School Driving Test, and a lot more. However, for the Indian market, Power Cricket T20 leads.

6. VerveLogic

VerveLogic has a skilled team of developers who owns years of experience in Rummy Game Development for every platform. They promise to understand the client’s requirement and hence offer great functionality to the rummy players. 

VerveLogic claims to be the best Rummy Game Development Company in India that offers an amazing user-interface for both app and web applications. If we talk about the working procedure, VerveLogic completed the working method into eight-phases, starting from client initiation to testing and launching. 

7. BR Softech

BR Softech affirms as a leading Rummy Game Development Company in India. They develop an amazing rummy game with the help of the latest technology and a great matching feature. 

Moreover, BR Software also offers the feature of chat and messaging for inner communication and makes the rummy experience a bit more refreshing. Not only this, but they also offer rummy game development in cross-browser functionality too.

Final Words

That’s all folks! I have mentioned the list of the Top 7 Rummy Game Development Company In India. However, if we talked about the recommendation, I would suggest you go with SVAP Infotech, because of its versatility, amazing functionality, and world-class quality.

Content Contributor

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