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Notepad keyboard shortcuts-Keyboard Shortcuts for Notepad 

Prashant Surya  |   May 14, 2020  |  Views: 11


Notepad keyboard shortcuts

Read and remember all the Notepad keyboard shortcuts grouped in following groups :

1. File Menu
2. Edit Menu
3. Search Menu
4. View Menu
5. Macro Menu
6. Run Menu

1. File menu
Ctrl+OOpen File
Ctrl+NNew File
Ctrl+SSave File
Ctrl+Alt+SSave As
Ctrl+Shift+SSave All
Ctrl+TabNext Document (also shows list of open files). Can be disabled - see Settings/Preferences/Global.
Ctrl+Shift+TabPrevious Document (also shows list of open files). Can be disabled - see above.
Ctrl+1..9 on NumpadnGo to the n-th document on tab bar, n between 1 and 9.
Ctrl+PgUpNext document
Ctrl+PgDnPrevious document
Ctrl+WClose Current Document

minus2. Edit menu
Ctrl+Shift+TCopy current line to clipboard
Ctrl+ASelect All
Alt+Shift+Arrow keys, /Alt+ Left mouse clickColumn Mode Select
Ctrl+ Left mouse clickStart new selected area. Only multiple stream areas ca be selected this way.
Alt+CColumn Editor
Ctrl+DDuplicate Current Line
Ctrl+TSwitch the current line position with the previous line position
Ctrl+Shift+DownMove Current Line, or current selection if a single stream, Down
Ctrl+LDelete Current Line
Ctrl+ISplit Lines
Ctrl+JJoin Lines
Ctrl+GLaunch GoToLine Dialog
Ctrl+QSingle line comment
Ctrl+Shift+QSingle line uncomment
Ctrl+KToggle single line comment
Ctrl+Shift+KBlock comment
Tab (selection of one / more full lines)Insert Tabulation or Space (Indent)
Shift+Tab (selection of one / more full lines)Remove Tabulation or Space (outdent)
Ctrl+BackspaceDelete to start of word
Ctrl+DeleteDelete to end of word
Ctrl+Shift+BackspaceDelete to start of line
Ctrl+Shift+DeleteDelete to end of line
Ctrl+UConvert to lower case
Ctrl+Shift+UConvert to UPPER CASE
Ctrl+BGo to matching brace
Ctrl+SpaceLaunch CallTip ListBox
Ctrl+Shift+SpaceLaunch Function Completion ListBox
Ctrl+Alt+SpaceLaunch Path Completion ListBox
Ctrl+EnterLaunch Word Completion ListBox
Ctrl+Alt+RText Direction RTL
Ctrl+Alt+LText Direction LTR
EnterSplit line downwards, or create new line
Shift+EnterSplit line downwards, or create new line
Ctrl+Alt+EnterSInsert new unindented line above current
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+EnterSInsert new unindented line below current

minus3. Search menu
Ctrl+FLaunch Find Dialog
Ctrl+HLaunch Find / Replace Dialog
F3Find Next
Shift+F3Find Previous
Ctrl+Shift+FFind in Files
F7Switch to Search results window (was Activate sub view before v5.2)
Ctrl+Alt+F3Find (volatile) Next
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F3Find (volatile) Previous
Ctrl+F3Select and Find Next (was Find (Volatile) Next prior to v5.6.5)
Ctrl+Shift+F3Select and Find Previous (was Find (Volatile) Previous prior to v5.6.5)
F4Go to next found
Shift+F4Go to previous found
Ctrl+Shift+IIncremental Search
Ctrl+NJump Down (to next text marked using n-th stye. n is 1 to 5, or 0 for default Found style.
Ctrl+Shift+NJump Up (to next text marked using n-th stye. n is 1 to 5, or 0 for default Found style.
Ctrl+F2Toggle Bookmark
F2Go To Next Bookmark
Shift+F2Go To Previous Bookmark
Ctrl+BGo to Matching Brace (caret must be on a brace)
Ctrl+Alt+BSelect All between Matching Braces (caret must be on a brace)

minus4. View menu
Ctrl+(+]/- on numeric keypador Ctrl + mouse wheel button (if any) Zoom in (+ or up) and Zoom out (- or down)
Ctrl+Keypad/Restore the original size from zoom
F11Toggle Full Screen Mode
F12Toggle Post-It Mode
Ctrl+Alt+FCollapse the Current Level
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+FUncollapse the Current Level
Alt+0Fold All
Alt+(1~8)Collapse the Level (1~8)
Alt+Shift+0Unfold All
Alt+Shift+(1~8)Uncollapse the Level (1~8)

minus5. Macro menu
Ctrl+Shift+RStart to record /Stop recording the macro
Ctrl+Shift+PPlay recorded macro
Alt+Shift+STrim Trailing and Save

minus6. Run menu
F5Launch Run Dialog
Alt+F1Get PHP help
Alt+F2Google search
Alt+F3Wikipedia search
Alt+F5Open file (name at cursor)
Alt+F6Open file in another instance (name at cursor)
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ROpen in Chrome
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+XOpen in Firefox
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+IOpen in IE
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+FOpen in Safari
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+OSend via Outlook

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